Jessica Sanchez: Thousands Welcome Their Chula Vista American Idol; a Superstar Is Born

Jessica Sanchez signing autographs
Image Credit: FOX/Americanidol

Superstar Jessica Sanchez was warmly received by thousands of Chula Vista supporters during her homecoming visit.

The “Chula Vistans” have showered the 16-yr old American Idol Top 3 finalist with so much love during her short stay there.

Reportedly, Jessica couldn’t believe her eyes, saying,

“It’s insane…”

She performed three songs “Stuttering,” “Proud Mary,” and “I Will Always Love You” amidst her thousands of screaming fans.

Supporters lined the street as Jessica’s motorcade passed by, while thousands queued for the stadium at Eastlake High to hear their American Idol sing; a “Superstar is Born!”

Reportedly, Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet had a Superstar’s welcome too in Westlake, Louisiana and Leesburg, Georgia, with screaming fans and thousands of supporters.

If all of these fans would vote on May 16, then Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips would be neck to neck in competing for the next American Idol 2012 winner.

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