Jessica Sanchez: “The Girl with the Golden Voice,” and Her Music, Now Available at Amazon

Jessica Sanchez’s music “The Girl with the Golden Voice,” Kindle edition is now available at

This booklet looks back on Jessica’s American Idol journey, Jessica’s fans that have been waiting for anything about her and her music for so long don’t have to wait long.

They could now buy some of her songs from this online store too.

What more, shipping is free to certain parts of the globe.

Jessica Sanchez key chains are also available from

Jessica’s “is also featured in J. Rice’s Skyscraper” and the top hits of American Idol season 11 are also available at Phillip Phillips’ “Home” could be bought as well.

The news that Jessica Sanchez has also started recording for Interscope made her fans excited about the upcoming album.

Jessica and the rest of the Top 10 American Idol 2012 finalists will start their tour on July 6, 2012, and will last till September 21, 2012.

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