Jessica Sanchez in Glee, the American Musical-Drama Television Series

Jessica Sanchez is in “Glee,” the American Musical-Drama Television Series. This was disclosed by various entertainment reports like TV Line on October 15, 2012.

Jessica Sanchez is the American Idol runner-up of Season 11, who almost wrestled the championship from winner, Phillip Phillips with her superb vibrato.

Jessica Sanchez, Image credit: AmericanIdol

When the American Idol contest was on-going it has been rumored that Jessica was offered a role in “Glee”, but when interviewed Jessica said that no one contacted her about any role in “Glee.”

Presently, although, there is still no official announcement from Jessica Sanchez, TV Line reported that it is a “done” deal.

Jessica Sanchez and the Top 10 American Idol finalists have just wrapped up their live tour across America and the Philippines, and they’re back to pursuing their own careers.

With Jessica Sanchez in “Glee” the Blujays are certainly rejoicing that their idol’s professional singing career has finally been catapulted into the space of fame and fortune.

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