Jessica Sanchez: Could She Sing “Lupang Hinirang” in the Pacquiao vs. Bradley Rematch in November?

Jessica Sanchez sang the “Star Spangled Banner in the recently concluded Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, in which Bradley won.

Could Jessica sing “Lupang Hinirang” in the upcoming Pacquiao vs Bradley rematch in November? She could, if Manny requests for her, and fans express their wish through a poll, perhaps?

Meanwhile, fans and celebrity reactions are still that of shock and disbelief. Everyone thought, except the two judges, that Pacman won.

Even Timothy Bradley is not convinced of his victory. Reportedly, Bradley said to Arum, before the scorecards were revealed:

“Manny’s a great fighter. I tried as hard as I could, but I came up short.”

At Twitter, fans tweeted that Pacquiao was robbed and that the fight was allegedly rigged. Many fans said that Bradley should have knocked on Pacquiao’s door and returned the belt to him.

Anyway, everyone knows Pacquiao won, so this is now the chance to bring American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez to the boxing ring once again to sing “Lupang Hinirang,” the Philippines’ National Anthem.

You can leave your comments below, if you vote yes for Jessica singing  “Lupang Hinirang.”

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