Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick’s Updates: Phillip Phillips Talks about Jessica and DeAndre’s Love Relationship, American Idol Tour August 8 (Video)

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick’s updates have been closely monitored by fans as the budding relationship of the two continues to blossom to the delight of their JayAndre or DeJay followers.

Reportedly, even American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, has this to say about the two lovebirds during an interview with Idol host Ryan Seacrest:

“We were all kind of surprised … Hopefully, it keeps working out for them. They seem like they’re in love whenever we’re around them. They’re just always holding hands or something. They seem like they love each other.”

Ryan Seacrest’s interview with Phillip Phillips

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American Idol finalist, and official funny man of the group, Heejun Han, took a picture of him and Jessica and tweeted:

“I hate Deandre…sometimes…”

Heejun, Jessica, DeAndre
Image Credit: Heejun Han/Twitter

Meanwhile, Jessica Sanchez sang, the now popular song, “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore” and “Proud Mary” with her boyfriend, DeAndre Brackensick and Joshua Ledet, as backup singers in the continuing American Idol Live Tour around the U.S.

Proud Mary with Joshua, DeAndre and Jessica

Video credit: HannaB20/American Idol/YouTube

Candice Glover shared also a YouTube video with her previous group members during American Idol’s audition, Jessica and DeAndre. She stated in the uploaded video:

“I went to the concert and they got me backstage 🙂 loved spending time with them and doing our famous song!”

Candice was eliminated during Hollywood week, while Jessica and DeAndre advanced to the finals, but all of these three deserve a place on the Top 10 of American Idol’s season 11.

Candice, Jessica, DeAndre

Video credit: yourztruly728 /YouTube

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