Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick Dating, Reports Say

DeAndre and Jessica
Image Credit: Jessica’s Twitter account

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick are dating, entertainment reports say. This stemmed when Jessica, American Idol runner-up, had a Ustream conversation with her fans just recently, with the fans asking her questions.

According to reports, Jessica was asked if she has a boyfriend and she replied that DeAndre is her boy, while music is her hubby.

DeAndre is DeAndre Brackensick, 8th place in American Idol 2012 competition. He is 17, and is from San Jose, California, while Jessica is 16, from Chula Vista, San Diego, California

Just last month when Jessica Sanchez was interviewed if she would have a boyfriend soon, she replied that it would be a long time before she would have one.

Jessica was also asked who among the Top 10 American Idols was her best friend, and she replied: DeAndre Brackensick.

Previously, Jessica and DeAndre have gone out together to visit places while on tour. If Jessica was not kidding, then the friendship between these two American Idol finalists may have blossomed into a beautiful romance.

But why the haste? They still have the whole music world to conquer on their own.

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