Janelle Arthur Voted Off on American Idol 2013: Bottom 2 Janelle Arthur and Kree Harrison

Janelle Arthur is voted off on American Idol 2013 after she was voted on the Bottom 2 contestants of the American Idol 2013, April 18 episode together with Kree Harrison.

Janelle has an excellent voice but she choose the wrong songs. It was a surprise that Kree Harrison was in the bottom 2, when she usually was on the Top 3 the previous episodes.

Janelle Arthur, Image credit: American Idol

Mariah Carey‘s words to Janelle Arthur:

“Janelle, I love your personality and your spirit . You’re truly a good person at heart. Keep singing & don’t ever be discouraged. God bless.”

Candice Glover has been sailing through with her outstanding performances, nailing one song after another. Goodby Janelle Arthur, good luck with your singing career.

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