James Arthur’s “Impossible” Nominated for “Best British Single” on the BRIT Awards on February 20

James Arthur’s “Impossible” has been nominated for the “Best British Single” on the BRIT Awards 2013, which will be aired on February 20, 2013.

James Arthur, 24, won the X Factor UK singing competitions last 2012, and has been mentored by X Factor UK Judge Nicole Schlesinger. “Impossible” has been an instant huge hit hugging UK’s airwaves with unprecedented air time and iTunes sales. It is also the “biggest-selling X Factor debut single-ever.”

James Arthur, Image credit: James Arthur

Impossible” has also been number 4 on MTV Australia, and continues to surge forward in Netherlands and the surrounding areas.

The singer-rapper songwriter thanked his fans through Twitter:

“Thanks for making impossible the biggest selling Xfactor debut single ever!!”

He was sensational during the X Factor competition, and he continues to bring his brand of music to the entertainment industry. He had a book about his life released already. His close competitor, Jahmene Douglas, went on successfully with his singing career, as well, performing in popular venues after the competition.

Ella Henderson, who was one of the early favorites, but who did not make it to the finals, is also successful in her singing career. The 16 year-old had performed in venues that Jahmene and James had performed on, too.

Presently, James Arthur is on tour with other finalists on the X Factor UK show. Recently, he performed at the Manchester Arena, and on O2 in London where he was well-applauded. Fans had goose bumps listening to his unique and awesome renditions of his songs, including his coronation song “Impossible.

Fans of James Arthur expect him to win the “Best British Single” on the BRIT Awards this 2013, and their expectation is significantly noted by music pundits in UK and abroad.

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