Israeli Diva, Shiri Maimon Duets with Rose Fostanes “If I Ain’t Got You”; Shiri, Instrumental in Rose’s Win on X Factor Israel

Pinoys all over the world are rejoicing for the victory of Rose Fostanes, the previously unknown caregiver from Taguig, Philippines, who holds now the distinction of being the first winner of the X Factor Israel reality singing competition.

Rose Fostanes winner x factor israel
Rose Fostanes Winner of X Factor Israel

Viewers would agree that Israeli Diva, Shiri Maimon, is instrumental in Rose Fostanes’ win on the X Factor show. The gorgeous, talented singer has guided Rose every step of the way, and had constantly re-assured her that she was an exceptional singer.

Shiri Maimon and Rose Fostanes perform “If I Ain’t Got You”

Rose had little self-confidence in her talent, because of past experiences. She revealed during interviews that she does not believe she had an exceptional voice. This voice has brought her now fame and fortune. She revealed that people could recognize her now on the streets, where she has previously been walking incognito.

During times like these, Shiri Maimon was there to convince her that she got what it takes to be the first X Factor winner, saying: “I love you, Rose,” every chance she got.

Shiri Maimon duets with Rose Fostanes, Image credit: X Factor Israel

The Israeli singer, Shiri Maimon, is a product of a singing contest too, the Kokhav Nolad, where she won second place.  She is an excellent performer, representing Israel in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, where representatives from various European countries competed with each other. Shiri placed 7th, besting other 32 great performers.

Shiri Maimon, Image credit: X Factor Israel

Rose and Shiri’s duetIf I Ain’t Got You” showed the perfect blending of their voices. Shiri Maimon was a superb performer and Rose Fostanes held on to her own to keep the stage on fire. The YouTube video of this duet has already earned more than 16,000 hits, just hours after its uploading, making it the most viewed duet on the X Factor Israeli show.

Shiri Maimon has won the Filipinos’ hearts. Her official Facebook account is now teeming with “Thank You” comments from Filipinos and Rose’s fans from all over the world, about her successful mentoring of Rose. It is evident that if Shiri ever plans to hold a concert in the Philippines or in Filipino communities all over the world, it would be a hit, and she would be most welcomed.

Rose Fostanes’ success on the X Factor Israel show turns her into a recording star, which she had always dreamed of when she was still a child.




Pinay Rose Fostanes Wins X Factor Israel

Below is the duet of Shiri Maimon and Rose Fostanes on the Grand Finale of X Factor Israel.

Rose Fostanes sings “If I Ain’t Got You Baby” with Shiri Maimon during Grand Finals on X Factor UK Israel

Video credit: The X Factor Israel /YouTube

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