Interesting Reactions of Netizens to ALDUB’s September 26 Episode; ALDUB’s Hashtags the “Most Tweeted Hashtags” in Twitter history

MANILA, Philippines – There’s no longer any doubt that the ALDUB love team reigns unofficially as having the “Most Tweeted Hashtags” in Twitter history.


worldwide trends-4 pm


The ALDUB fever has turned into a conflagration, and the ALDUB virus has infected people from all walks of life locally and internationally.

This Twitter phenomenon occurs daily nationwide and worldwide. The current hashtag, #ALDubEBforLOVE , has already earned 23.2 million Tweets as of 7 pm, September 26, 2015.


hashtag no. of tweets


The previous ALDUB hashtag earned more than 12 million tweets, with the rest of the ALDUB hashtags trending daily.

September 26, 2015, Saturday was a milestone for the love birds, Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza, and their millions of fans. This is because there were many “firsts” events.


Alden Richards and Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza's first picture together
Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza’s first picture together


alden and maine GGMY
Alden and Maine


It was the first time that the two had a close encounter and had the chance to talk. It was also the first time that they had their picture taken together.

Previously, fans photo-shopped their pictures just to see them in one frame.

It was also the first time that Alden Richards sang the song “God Gave Me You” to Maine Mendoza – in tears and live – without lip-syncing.


Alden Richards cries, Image credit: GMA7


The rush of reactions of Netizens on Twitter is humongous and quite a force to contend with. On Facebook, here are some interesting reactions that show how the ALDUB phenomenon has affected people’s lives.


FB comments on ALDUB1


FB comments on ALDUB2


FB comments on ALDUB3


FB comments on ALDUB4


FB comments on ALDUB5


FB comments on ALDUB6


FB comments on ALDUB7


FB comments on ALDUB8 DJcrime rate




FB comments on ALDUB10


FB comments on ALDUB11


Below is one reaction to Lea Salonga’s Tweet about “kababawan”. Later Lea explained that she was not referring to ALDUB.

Jude FB rxn

Jude FB rxn.2


For those who missed the ADLUB September 26, 2015 episode, here’s the video courtesy of WHITEDOVE HD.

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