Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Celebrities Go Out of Their Way to Help

It is during natural disasters and similar events that the best traits of people tend to emerge.

The Hurricane Sandy aftermath in the US was able to gather celebrities, who went out of their way to help despite their hectic schedule in the Hurricane Sunday Telethon, last November 2.

Hurricane Sandy, tagged as “Frankenstorm,” had ripped through the U.S., specifically the East Coast, causing destruction to lives and property. Celebrities, who would normally take a significant period of time to schedule for appointments, had responded readily to the invitation to raise funds.

Christina Aguilera
Image Credit: Screen capture from SylvieBeaulieu2012/YouTube

Some celebrities, who have helped in one way or another, were:

Alec Baldwin

Christina Aguilera

Billy Joel

Steven Tyler

Matt Lauer

Ben Stiller

Kevin Bacon

Bruce Springsteen

Mary J Bilge


Christina Aguilera sang “You Are Beautiful,” and disclosed that she was born in Staten Island, and that they would make sure that no was left behind, because, according to her:

“Everyone of you matters.”

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