“How to Twerk (Not What You Think) Miley Cyrus VMA 2013” You Tube Video Goes Viral

How to Twerk (Not What You Think) Miley Cyrus VMA 2013You Tube Video goes viral with more than a million views just four days after it has been uploaded by JaeTracie on You Tube.

This stemmed when US singer Miley Cyrus performed twerking moves at the VMA 2013. There were varied reactions to Miley’s performance. Some were shocked and some had fun. Reportedly, fans defended her twerking on stage with a big foam finger.

JaeTracie Twerking, Image credit: JaeTracie

In response to that, here’s a video of JaeTracie about twerking. The response to this video was varied as well; some commended Jae, while other netizens disagreed with her.

Here are comments from shefine and MrAkronmuzik:

From shefine:

“This just seems like the typical response that unintelligent people do for a quick self esteem boost. Anyone with a brain knows you don’t know how a person “is” based off a snap judgment like twerking. Moreover as some comments say already true dancers who like to be equipped with being able to do all dances see it as nothing but a dance or skill for dancing. If you are christian you are leading people astray as you are sinning with your judgement that twerkers are nasty with no self respect.”

From MrAkronmuzik:

“No one is telling anyone to stop twerking ..shes explaing what you need to do in order to be a good twerker and whatnot to expect frm society..some of you are scandalous but still demand a good man and treatments similar to a girl with class..u dnt thnk thats crazy? do what ever you need to do but everythng is bittersweet.”



Below is the “How to Twerk (Not What You Think) Miley Cyrus VMA 2013” video, uploaded by JaeTracie.

How to Twerk (Not What You Think) Miley Cyrus VMA 2013

Video credit: JaeTracie /YouTube

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