House Resolution 2962 of Philippine Congress Demands that Justin Bieber Should Apologize for His Manny Pacquiao Instagram Posts

Justin Bieber, Image credit: Justin Bieber/Twitter

MANILA, Philippines – Pop singer Justin Bieber should apologize for his Manny Pacquiao Instagram posts, House Resolution 2962 filed by seven representatives says so. This was decided by colleagues of Congressman Pacquiao in spite of him openly saying that Justin and those who “persecute” him should be forgiven. Local news is abuzz about this official development, this December 17, 2012.

Justin Bieber posted edited Instagram pictures of Congressman Manny Pacquiao when he was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez during their 4th encounter in Las Vegas.

Below is one of the pictures that Justin Bieber posted on Instagram:


One picture showed Manny Pacquiao with Michael Jackson on a leaning position, while one was with Simba, the baby lion.

The congressmen declared that should Justin Bieber refuse to apologize,

“He would be declared persona non grata and thus should not be allowed to enter the country at any time in the future.”

Justin Bieber is a friend of Manny Pacquiao’s rival in boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr., and was seen in some occasions even accompanying Mayweather to the ring.

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