Helen Gamboa, Wife of Senator Tito Sotto, Dances Gangnam Style (Video)

MANILA, Philippines – Former singer-actress, Helen Gamboa, and wife of Senator Tito Sotto, danced Psy’s Gangnam Style.

Helen Gamboa” went trending worldwide, this October 21, 2012.

The YouTube video of Helen Gamboa was uploaded October 14, 2012, by daflip02 and has already earned 188,294 hits as of October 21, 10:50 (Philippines local time).

Helen Gamboa could still dance pretty well, and seemed not to have grown old through the years.

Below is the YouTube video of Helen Gamboa dancing Psy’s Gangnam Style, courtesy by daflip02.

Helen Gamboa Dancing Gangam Style

Video credit: daflip02/YouTube

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