Harry Styles of One Direction to Tate Stevens: “Congratulations Tate Stevens you deserve it!”

During the X Factor USA 2012 Finals, winner Tate Stevens performed “Pontoon” with the Little Big Town group, and it was one entertaining performance. Tate performed outstandingly with the band, swaying and crooning with them.

After he won the X Factor, several celebrities congratulated him. Harry Styles of One Direction tweeted:

“Congratulations @tatestevensctry you deserve it!! Such a nice guy… Great to see him win.”

Tate Stevens picture
Tate Stevens, Image credit: X Factor USA 2012

Tate replied:

“Thanks Harry!! Means a lot!”

Movie actress, Doherty Shannen, tweeted:

 “Congratulations @tatestevensctry you deserve it. Looking forward to your album”

Tate replied:

“Thanks! Can’t wait to get it recorded!”

Congratulations again Tate Stevens for winning X Factor USA 2012.

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