Gary Valenciano Shed Tears during Performance of “Warrior Is a Child” at AUF Concert in Pampanga, Still Mr. Pure Energy (Pictures)

ANGELES CITY, PampangaGary Valenciano shed tears during his performance of “Warrior is a Child” in his concert at the AUF Gym, on Friday, July 26, 2013.

He rocked the house as the audience kept clamoring for more. Gary V is still Mr. Pure Energy, singing, gyrating, and doing his popular Michael Jackson-like steps as the audience applauded frenziedly and swayed with him.

Gary V-AUF

Gary V rendered some old time favorites such as: “Warrior is a Child”, “Di Bale Na Lang”, “Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan,”that made everyone nostalgic. He shed tears when he performed “Warrior is a Child.

The song was Rico Yan’s favorite song when he was still alive. One could feel the raw emotion as his voice reverberated in the gym rendering fans momentarily speechless. Thunderous applause greeted him, after he stood up and wiped the tears that streamed down his cheeks. It was a heart-warming moment when Gary connected with his fans through his song.

Gary Valenciano also performed with his son, Paolo. Together they brought the audience to their feet with ‘Kisapmata”, and a Beatles’ medley. Apparently, Paolo inherited his father’s musical genes as evidenced by his awesome performance. Undoubtedly, he has the performer’s blood in him.

Gary V-AUF
Paolo and Gary Valenciano

Paolo is married to Samantha, the niece of Gary’s perceived rival, Martin Nievera. Gary talked about Martin, saying, that Martin has always been connected to his name, and more so now that his son has married one of Martin’s nieces.

Gary V told his compelling story in between his songs. He revealed that at age 14, he learned he has diabetes, but he did not give up. There were various  times he had stared at death, but he kept going and survived everything. After 30 years, he is still jamming and performing with the younger generations. Staying in the entertainment industry for 30 years is an amazing feat that not everyone could achieve.

A rare treat was when he sang a song composed by Louie Ocampo about Pampanga that made the crowd love him more. Then he went on to talk about his wife: (His wife is from Pampanga)

I wouldn’t have lasted this long, if not for this person who guided me, protected me, and loved me; my wife.

Gary was referring to his wife, Angeli Pangilinan with whom he has three children: Paolo, Gabriel and Kiana. To his wife, he dedicated the song “How Did You Know.”

His soulful renditions of Martin Nievera’s songs: “I’ll Be There” and “I Will Be Here” were so impeccable that the audience erupted into loud cheers and applause. Martin and Gary are the “senior” mainstays of a popular TV noontime weekend show “ASAP.

He also switched to his Puerto Rican accent and revealed that his mother was Puerto Rican. He played the drums and sang some songs with the Puerto Rican beat, “La Bamba” and “Oye Como Va.”

Smooth” was a genuine treat to his fans with everyone jumping, dancing, and singing. He went on to sing newer songs as the younger people in the audience were ecstatic. When he went down the stage, he was mobbed and he could not venture towards the center of the gym where most young people were seated.

His last songs were: ”Shout for Joy”, “Sana Maulit Muli”, and ‘Tayong Dalawa,” which made the audience stand and rock with him. Gary Valenciano’s concert was one, huge success.

There were fans, including an old woman in a wheelchair, who had waited for him on the side door, hoping to get a glimpse of the Total Performer. The bodyguards warned everyone that he was tired, so he would go straight to his waiting car. However, when Gary saw the old  woman, he stopped to talk to her, proving that he has a heart of gold, caring for people who normally couldn’t fend for themselves.

The concert is for the benefit of the charity patients with diabetes and heart ailments at the AUF Medical Center.

Gary Valenciano also invited his fans to download his Gary Valenciano App, which is for free, to follow his official Twitter account, @GaryValenciano1 and his Facebook page, Gary Valenciano Official.

Here are pictures of Gary V’s AUF Concert in Pampanga, courtesy of Nikes Alviz. Video would be posted soon.

Gary V-AUF

Gary V-AUF

Gary V-AUF

Gary V-AUF
Gary V preparing to leave

Gary V-AUF

Gary V-AUF
Gary V talking to the old woman in a wheelchair

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