Gary Valenciano, Philippines’ Premier Singer-Actor, Rallies Behind Jessica Sanchez

Gary V.
Image Credit: Manonica/

Gary Valenciano, one of the Philippines’ premier singer-actor, rallies behind Jessica Sanchez, as the 16-year old Filipina-Mexican-American Idol hopeful, advanced to the Top 4 group of the American Idol 2012 singing competition.

Skylar Laine was voted off from the contest, May 3, leaving the Top 4; Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh to compete for the rest of the 2012 American Idol season 11.

Gary Valenciano who has won the “Best Male Performer” 11 times from the “Awit Awards,” a prestigious, local music award giving body, has expressed his support for Jessica through social networks like Twitter.

Gary Valenciano, also known as Gary V. and Anthony Pangilinan recently tweeted:

Jessica’s mother hails from the Philippines, making the Filipinos proud of her achievement.  Majority of Filipino Movie Stars (most probably all,) and well-known personalities in politics and entertainment have rallied in support of Jessica Sanchez in her bid to win the2012 American Idol season 11 reality singing competition.

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