Game of Thrones Star, Maisie Williams, Reacts to Gab Valenciano’s Super Selfie with Dad, Actor-Singer Gary V

Game of Thrones Star, Maisie Williams, has reacted to Gab Valenciano’s Super Selfie video with his Dad Actor-Singer Gary V. Maisie Williams is popular for her role as Arya Stark, sister of Rob Stark, in the internationally acclaimed television series Game of Thrones.

Maisie Williams Game of Thrones
Maisie Williams star of Game of Thrones reacts to Gab Valenciano’s Super Seflie video

Maisie Williams was one of the teens who reacted to Gab’s Super Selfie videos. The reaction video earned 1,125,402 hits in just 2 days with 39,277 likes.

Gabriel Valenciano is the son of one of the icons in the Philippine Entertainment industry, Gary Valenciano. Gab has various viral Super Selfie videos, which have earned more than a million hits on YouTube, in one video alone. He was even featured in Good Morning America and other shows abroad. Apparently, he has the talent and ingenuity to create interesting videos that he calls Super Selfies.

When asked what about the video, Maisie exclaimed:

“It’s got to be really something epic.”

And then:

“Totally, I cannot believe I have not seen this before. I’m gonna tell all my friends.”

The teens talked about what “Selfies” mean to them, as well.

Watch this video of Maisie Williams reacting to Gab Valenciano’s Super Selfie video courtesy of TheFineBros.

Maisie Williams reacting to Gaby Valenciano’s Super Selfie videos

Video credit: TheFineBros/YouTube

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