Filipino-American Malaya Watson among the Top 7 on American Idol, Sam Woolf Voted Out but Saved by Judges

FilipinoAmerican, Malaya Watson, is among the Top 7 on American Idol. Sam Woolf was eliminated but saved by the judges on American Idol, during the Top 8 showdown last Thursday, April 3, 2014.

Sam Woolf, Image credit: American Idol

The Bottom 3 American Idol contestants were:

Sam Woolf

Malaya Watson

CJ Harris

Malaya and CJ were announced safe, and Sam Woolf had to sing to be saved. The American Idol judges: Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban have decided to save him, so the contestants went back to being Top 8 again.

Sam Woolf’s being at the Bottom 3 was a surprise because most people thought he would get most of the girls’ votes.

The Top 8 American Idol contestants who remain to be contenders are:

  1. Malaya Watson
  2. Caleb Johnson
  3. Sam Woolf
  4. C J Harris
  5. Jena Irene Ascuitto
  6. Alex Preston
  7. Jessica Meuse
  8. Dexter Roberts

On top of the list is rocker Caleb Johnson, whom Harry Connick Jr. likened to Journey’s lead singer, Arnel Pineda. Would he be the next American Idol?

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