Filipina Rose Fostanes Wins X Factor Israel Singing Competition

Pinay caregiver, Rose Fostanes, has won X Factor Israel as the reality TV show held its Grand Finals on Tuesday, January 14, 2014. She is the first winner of X Factor Israel.

Rose Fostanes, Image credit: X Factor Israel

Rose ‘Osang’ Fostanes, 47, was incredulous for the all-out support of the Filipino community and the people of Israel for her. Her humility and unassuming ways, coupled with her phenomenal talent may have endeared her to X Factor TV viewers in Israel and all over the world.

Rose’s grand finale song “My Way” is indeed a story of her life, because after working as a caregiver in the Middle East for more than 20 years, she had now attained her childhood dream of becoming a singer by doing it her way. Her mentor Shiri Maimon was exultant with her protégé’s win saying previously that Rose is a beautiful person – inside and out.

The other finalists were Eden Ben Zaken, Ori Shakiv and Fusion.

Eden Ben Zaken won second place, Ori Shakiv was third and Fusion, fourth. Everyone is also talking about Rose Fostanes and mentor, Shiri Maimon’s duet of “If I Ain’t Got You.” Israel’s pop diva, Shiri Maimon is an excellent singer too, so their voices blended, flawlessly, together.

Shiri Maimon has been a perfect mentor for Rose, guiding and taking care of Rose, just like a mother. Rose expressed her gratitude to her dedicated mentor and Israeli fans.

Incidentally, Rose’s sister and girlfriend were present during the X Factor Grand Finale, which provided her with more inspiration.

Judge Moshe Peretz could not help but express his admiration of Rose’s amazing talent: “Rose, I love you so much.”

Shiri Maimon has always said: “I love you so much, Rose.” Even X Factor Host, Bar Refaeli is apparently, an avid fan of Rose Fostanes, as well.

Below is the video of Rose last week during the semi-finals. Right below it is the Grand Finals performance of “My Way.”







Rose Fostanes Pinay-caregiver-moves-forward-during-judges-house-to-top-16-with-tina-turners-simply-the-best/



X Factor Israel Elimination-pinay-rose-fostanes-makes-the-cut-for-top-10-contestants-ben-golan-rose-fusion-dazzle-on-stage


Rose Fostanes sings “Because of You” Top 4 on X Factor UK Israel Live Shows

Video credit: The X Factor Israel /YouTube

Here’s Rose Fostanes’ Grand Finale performance of “My Way’ on X Factor Israel.

Rose Fostanes sings “My Way” Grand Finals on X Factor UK Israel Live Shows

Video credit: The X Factor Israel /YouTube

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