Filipina, Marlisa Punzalan, Advances to Top 7 on X Factor Australia Rock Week (Video)

Filipina, Marlisa Punzalan, has advanced to Top 7 on the X Factor Australia during Rock Week. Although Marlisa is not familiar with Metallica, he nailed the song “Nothing Else Matters” to earn the judges’ praises.

Marlisa Punzalan, Image credit: X Factor Australia

Judges’ comments:

“There’s something that reminds me of the best of Celine Dion”

“That was awesome!”

“You were so passionate. You were so still. ..It was fierce connecting with the audience. It was aggressive. I loved it.”

Her coach Ronan Keating said;

“I’m so proud of you!”

Hopefully, the Pinay lass, who is only 14, will advance to the Grand Finals on X Factor Australia.

Watch her singing her song, “Nothing Else Matters”, for Rock week on X Factor Australia. Thiis is courtesy of J1MZO7.

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