Fil-Am Malaya Watson Nailed “When I Was Your Man,” Would She Make the Cut to Top 9?

Filipino-American, Malaya Watson, nailed the song “When I Was Your Man” during the performance show on American Idol on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Would she make the cut to Top 9?

Malaya Watson has slowly emerged from the thousands of hopefuls tor the American Idol title to the spot where she is now-one of the Top 10s.

Jennifer Lopez and Malaya Watson on American Idol, Image credit: Fox

Her powerful vocals and stage presence always bring it the best in her performances. The American Idol judges praised her performances with Jennifer Lopez expressing how she loved her vocals.

Malaya Watson is only 16, just like Jessica Sanchez when she was also a contestant. Jessica ended up as the runner-up to winner, Phillip Phillips on American Idol Season 11.

Would Malaya achieve the same rank as Jessica did? Well, who knows? Malaya Watson may be the next American Idol winner.


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