“Fifty Shades of Grey”, the Movie: Sam Taylor-Johnson to Direct E.L. James’ Erotic Novel

Sam Taylor-Johnson would direct E.L. James’ erotic-romance novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, as revealed by various international entertainment sites on June 19, 2013.

Sam Taylor-Johnson may not be as famous as Steven Spielberg but, apparently, her own love story and experience could serve as a plus factor for this talented artist.

Sam, 46, is married to Aaron Johnson, 23, and they have two children. Sam directed Aaron in 2009 in “Nowhere Boy.”

Image credit: Vintage Books


50 Shades of Grey” was, and still is, selling like hot cakes all over the world. The erotic-drama novel has captured the interest and imagination of millions of readers.

The best-selling novel, reportedly, was #1 in the US, selling more than 60 million copies, worldwide. Universal Pictures is business smart to create a movie version of the book.

Sam Taylor and Aaron Johnson, Image credit: en.wikipedia.org


How would director Sam Taylor-Johnson portray the BDSM scenes? She had created artistic nude pictures before, and it was expected that she would also be producing artistic scenes from the plot.

As for the actors who would be playing the major characters, Ana Steele and Christian Grey, nothing is confirmed yet, but there are several actors who are rumored to play the lead roles.

One perfect choice would be “Games of Thrones“‘ Daenerys TargaryenEmilia Clarke, for the character of Anastasia Steele, and “The Notebook” star, Ryan Gosling, or Superman Henry Cavill would be awesome choices for the role of Christian Grey. It would be interesting to wait for the disclosure of the actual cast.

The millions of readers of “Fifty Shades of Grey” would surely troop to the theaters to watch its movie version.

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