Watch, F4 Meteor Garden is “Back”, Popular OST “Qing Fei De Yi” Performed by American and Filipina Singers

F4 Meteor Garden is “back” – in a sense – with the revival of the popular OST “Qing Fei De Yi” by an American and Filipina, David DiMuzio and Janice Hung.

David DiMuzio has been singing various songs with his refreshing and perfect interpretation. He also interpreted songs in different languages; one is another Filipino famous song “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar.


David_ DiMuzio_Anna_Rabtsun_sing_Anak
David DiMuzio and Anna Rabtsun perform “Anak”, Image credit: David DiMuzio FB account


“Qing Fei De Yi” was sung originally by Harlem Yu. It is one of the “World’s Most Popular Chinese Songs” with the TV series turning total newbie stars to overnight superstars in 2001. The TV series “Meteor Garden” starred Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Van Ness Wu and Ken Chu. It became so popular that a sequel, Meteor Garden II was filmed.


F4 group in “Meteor Garden”


Meteor Garden I and II was featured in almost all Asian countries, and due to this, F4 toured these countries and amassed a huge fan base that is still in existence up to this time.

Surely, this interpretation will bring back fond memories in everybody’s heart of how it was 14 years ago.

Watch the video below, courtesy of David DiMuzio. It was uploaded on May 23, 2015 but it has already 1,179 hits.

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