Executive Order of US President Obama for Mayweather to Fight Pacquiao?

A meme has started to go viral online with the picture of US President Barrack Obama issuing an Executive Order to Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Fight Pacquiao. The source of the image is unknown and is doing the rounds on Facebook.

Obama to Mayweather: Fight pacquiao
Obama to Mayweather: Fight Pacquiao

This expresses the desire of millions of boxing fans who want to watch the most awaited fight of this era.

Manny Pacquiao’s Footlocker advertisement has shown him being overjoyed (“Yes, he’s going to fight me”) with the prospect of Mayweather finally consenting to fight him. However, Mayweather still remained mum on the issue.

Indeed, if President Obama can issue an Executive Order for the two boxing greats to face each other in the ring, it will be an incredible treat for boxing fans all over the world.

Mayweather can never be a true champion – even if he’s undefeated – because he refuses to fight the only 8 world-title boxing champion in the world.

Watch this funny fan video uploaded by Nanny Pacquiao at YouTube expressing Pacman’s wish of fighting Mayweather.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao continues to urge Mayweather to fight him in 2015. From his official Twitter account Pacquiao tweeted:

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