Eurovision Song Contest 2013: 26 Countries to Perform in the Grand Finals

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 has 26 countries scheduled to perform in the Grand Finals in Malmo, Sweden on Saturday, May 18, 2013. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Turkey, and Portugal had withdrawn from the contest.

The Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast worldwide to millions of viewers, who tune in to watch awesome singers perform from different countries. One of the favorites is Emmelie de Forest from Denmark who would be singing “Only Teardrops.”

Eurovison Song Contest 2013
Eurovison Song Contest 2013, Image credit:

Other artists are popular singer of “It’s a Heartache”, Bonnie Tyler of the UK, who would perform “Believe in Me“, Ryan Dolan of Ireland with “Only Love Survives“, Robin Stjernberg from Sweden with “You”, Amandine Bourgeois from France with “L’enfer et moi” (Hell and Me), Cascada of Germany with “Glorious”, Zlata Ognevich of Ukraine with “Gravity”, and Gianluca of Malta with “Tomorrow”.

For the complete list you can visit the Eurovision website

Some songs in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 would be sung in the country’s native tongue, like Greece, France, Spain and Italy.

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