Ellen DeGeneres’ Selfie Tweet that Made Twitter Crash; Best Picture Ever at the Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres’ Selfie that made Twitter crash briefly during the Oscars was tagged the “Best photo ever at the Oscars.”

Ellen DeGeneres Selfie at Oscars, Image credit: Ellen/Twitter

Ellen tweeted from her official account:

TheEllenShow @Ellen DeGeneres

“If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.”

Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet of her selfie has shattered the most retweets in less than an hour. To date it has  2,389,473 Retweets and 1,158,43 favorites.

Ellen’s hosting of the Oscars is a success, obviously, because tweeter peeps have praises for her. The Oscar winners are apparently well-accepted too. The film “Gravity” earned the most awards, but “Twelve Years a Slave” won the most coveted Best Picture.

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