Did You Know that “City of Hope”, A Song of American Rock Band, Journey, Featured Manila?

Did you know that “City of Hope”, a song from the American Rock Band, Journey, featured Manila? There may still be some people, who are not aware of this fact. This is because Journey has given inspiration to all people who had lost hope that miracles do happen by ‘plucking’ a relatively unknown singer and making him their lead singer.

Arnel Pineda lives in this City of Hope and played in small gigs in a café before he was discovered on YouTube by the band’s leader, Neal Schon; and the rest is rock music fairytale.

Arnel Pineda, relaxing after a performance with Journey

In the video of “City of Hope”, Metro Manila’s Skyline was featured several times. It also showed the streets of Manila.

Manila – “City of Hope” sang by Journey with Arnel Pineda

However, any city around the world could be a “City of Hope” because each individual in that city will always have hope no matter how dire the situation may be.

City of Hope” is included in Journey’sEclipse” album, which was released in 2011. “Eclipse” includes also 11 more songs namely; “Edge of the Moment“, “Someone”, “Human Feel”,   Edge of the Moment”, and “To Whom It May Concern” among others.

With their film: “Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” released in theaters in the US, (with a May or April expected release in the Philippines), Journey and its Filipino lead singer, may have another resurgence of their album sales. The movie has been awarded the Best Documentary Audience Award during the San Francisco Film Festival.

Meanwhile, “Don’t Stop Believin’ was “The Most Downloaded Song on iTunes of the 20th Century.” It sold 4.5 million on iTunes. This incredible song is found in their “Revelation” album.

You may want to include “City of Hope”, too in your collection. Below is the official YouTube video of the song, courtesy of Journey.

“City of Hope” by Journey

Video credit: FrontiersRecords /YouTube

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