“Dear Janet Napoles” YouTube Video of Xiao Santiago’s Original Song; Beautiful Voice and Catchy Tune Make Video Go Viral

MANILA, Philippines – “Dear Janet Napoles, a YouTube Video, composed and performed by Xiao Santiago started to go viral online as more and more online users share the video. It was uploaded just 4 days ago, but it has already more than 5,000 hits, and is expected to gain more viewers as the “Million People March” nears.

Xiao Santiago sings “Dear Janet Napoles”, Image credit: XiaoSantiago

The YouTube description disclosed that:

“Dear Janet Napoles” is a song composed by a furious tax payer named Xiao Santiago. Xiao has been battered by ITRs and strangled to death by taxes for the past 5 years as a teacher and business owner. Instead of converting her sleek black guitar into an Og, she decided to write a song to Ms. High Life, Ms. Janet Napoles. Xiao is hoping she could get her contributions back so she could treat those who would like and share her video. LOL. This is for the working middle class especially to the Napoles’ workers who are forced to dress as minions. I love you baby GRU. LOL!!! (www.facebook.com/xiaosantiagoopm twitter: @xiaosantiago)”

Xiao Santiago’s beautiful voice lends a pop tempo to the song, which makes the song catchy.

Thousands of Dear Janet-Lim Napoles letters are also being composed by furious tax-payers who have come to the realization that the taxes they religiously paid had, allegedly, financed the lavish lifestyle of the Napoleses.

Presently, Janet Lim_Napoles is at large, pending charges of serious illegal detention, and investigation of the 10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam. President Noynoy Aquino has relented on his disapproval of the scrapping out of the Pork Barrel Fund, but, apparently, it is too late; people had already started preparations and organizers have ensured the public that the Million People March would push through.

On Monday, August 26, 2014, the Million People March would proceed as planned with the Picnic Rally‘s goal of totally abolishing the disbursement of the Pork Barrel Funds or PDAF to politicians.

Various concerned citizens are supporting the event on Monday; even schools and religious organizations.


Below is the YouTube video of Xiao Santiago singing “Dear Janet Napoles

Xiao Santiago sings “Dear Janet Napoles”

Video credit: OfficialXiaoSantiago /YouTube

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