Claudine Baretto and Gretchen Baretto Updates

MANILA, Philippines Claudine Baretto vs. her older sister Gretchen Baretto has finally reached its denouement when their mother spoke in favor of Claudine.

Movie actresses Claudine Baretto and Gretchen Baretto were at odds for a long time that their ‘misunderstanding’ has been talked about around showbiz circles.

claudine baretto
Claudine Baretto, Image credit: Facebook official fanpage

Just recently, Inday Baretto, the mother of the two actresses, spoke and has allegedly called Gretchen a liar, and supported her other daughter, Claudine. Read the full text of Inday Baretto’s statement at Pep.

On the contrary, their brother, Joaquin sided with Gretchen, detailing how Gretchen had given up schooling to work and support her siblings.

Both Claudine Baretto and Gretchen Baretto have been successful in their respective careers and earning accolades for their acting abilities.

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