BTS Updates: MOTS:7 on to #1 Billboard’s 200; Single ON Breaks YT Premiere with 1.5M, #1 in 8 Countries and More

BTS is indeed dominating the whole world with their unique music. Their recent album “Map of the Soul:7” has dominated charts all over the world and is set to debut at #1 in the US Billboard 200 this week with over 411 units sold [339k pure sales), with no bundling whatsoever.

Here’s tweet that describes this BTS phenomenal feat.

BTS’ lead single ‘ON’ Official MV has also set an unprecedented YouTube history’s premiere with 1.5 million concurrent users viewing the premiere of the MV – a feat that has never been achieved. It’s also the FASTEST MV to surpass 10 MILLION views on YouTube in just 1 hour and 5 minutes; breaking ‘Boy With Luv’ MV’s record of 2 hours and 51mins.

BTS’ new album would have broken their old record of the most viewed MV if YouTube didn’t delete millions of views. According to the ARMYs who have closely watched the number of views, it would amount to around 67 million views deleted.

The deletion made many ARMYs dismayed as they knew the facts and some expressed their feelings on Twitter, requesting YouTube to add the deleted views. As of this writing, there was no action yet by YouTube.

Although, the final viewer’s count was 42+ million, ON still holds the most number of views for 2020, after YouTube has modified its rules for the Billboards.

The first download of the ON single was watched 46.5 million times in the first 24 hours it was available. So, the legendary band now owns 4 of the top MVs.

The most popular band in the world performed at the Grand Central Station too, which was the first time ever for a Korean artist, and have never happened for any American artist. It was another ground-breaking event for the septet.

Aside from that, they also were guests of James Corden on his CARPOOL KARAOKE, and many viewers stated that BTS won 2020’s trophy for Best Carpool Karaoke already.

BTS’ MOTS:7 will also debut as #1 not only in the US but in 8 other countries that include:

Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand.

mots7 has also entered #1 on the ARIA charts again this year:

The 2nd ON MV was described by media as a cinematic experience of BTS’ message in accepting their “fate” and plodding on no matter what happens. Watch this incredible BTS ON Music video that made – not only ARMYs – but lovers of art talking and discussing the ‘meaning’ of the video.

Because of the second ON MV that has some Maze Runner scenes in it, James Dashner, author of Maze Runner, Eye of Minds, Infinity Ring, and The 13th Reality series, raised this question to BTS ARMYs.

“In what #MazeRunner roles would you cast each member of #BTS if you could remake the movie? Who would be #Newt???”

BTS has become so popular that everyone wants to be included – even pretzels.

“Ohhh man…did someone say BTS?? We gotchu! Enter code “RAPLIKEBTS” into the Wetzel’s Pretzels App to get a BOGO Any Pretzel! Now until 3/10! “

The world-renowned book author, Paulo Coelho, has this to say about BTS:

Even the singles on the MOTS: 7 are doing well. Kim Seokjin’s “Moon” has charted in many countries, especially in Saudi Arabia where it charted #2 on Saudi Arabia iTunes top songs. Jin gained more fans for his rendition of “Epiphany” during their Saudi concert tour.

“Filter”, “My Time”, and all the rest have also charted high in music charts in various countries.

How far would BTS go? Only time will tell. Day by day, they continue to gain fans from all over the world.

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