BTS’ Reactions to 2018 Melon Music Awards: BTS Racks Awards at the MMA

There were various reactions of International Superstars BTS during the 2018 MMA that left K-pop fans stoked. South Korean Boy Band, BTS has racked several awards at the 2018 Melon Music Awards held in South Korea on December 1, 2018.

One of the most iconic reactions was when V and Jungkook dabbed after the acceptance speech for the Kakao Hot Star. The boys were also reacting positively to the performance of other idols.

BTS members were also obviously delighted with the little girl dancing to various k-pop songs. Taehyung was smiling gleefully as the girl expertly danced to the tunes. For this “Taehyung” trended at #2 on Twitter and #BTSatMAMA trended at #3.

Taehyung trends on Twitter


BTS’ Taehyung and Jin at MAMA 2018

Jungkook was earlier seen encouraging the fans to cheer for the performers on the stage that fans found this gesture so sweet from a famous person. Hi looked at the fans and said “hi” as well, while Jin blew kisses to their fans. And again, Jungkook gave his water to a fan who must have been thirsty. This was not unseen by the fans who praised – yet again – the sweet and kind ‘bunny’ Golden Maknae

Earlier they swept the red carpet with their awesome fashion styles, tagging them as the best influencers for the night at the MMA.

The Awards Bangtan Sonyeondan received so far were:

Top 10 Artist

Global Artist

Kakao Hot Star

Best Rap/Hip Hop

Netizen Popularity

BTS also won these awards at the MMA 2018:

  • Album of the Year
  • Artist of the Year

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