“Love Yourself:Tear” of BTS Nominated to the GRAMMYS for “Best Recording Package””, Incredible Year End Achievements of BTS

As the year ends, the accomplishments of the Popular South Korean boy band, BTS, have tripled. The year 2018 had catapulted them into space and they cartwheeled and conquered the vast universe with only their t-shirts on.

Like a Korean TV host said: They were able to conquer the Himalayas just with their slippers on. They have conquered the world and beyond, and are still out there in space popping their magic dust and blessing everyone – as DJ Steve Aoki proclaimed.

BTS, Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

BTS’ Suga has openly expressed that he wanted to be in the GRAMMYs, whether to win an award or perform remains unclear. Nevertheless, many ARMYs say:

“Whatever Suga wants, Suga gets.”

Just like what happened to their Billboard win two years in a row, plus their performance on the Billboard stage. RM said in his acceptance speech, that they couldn’t believe they were actually there at the Billboard Awards stage.

Hence, nothing is impossible for BTS and ARMY.

Here are some of BTS achievements for 2018:

1. #8 on the Billboard’s Year End Top Artists
2. Has 3 albums on Billboard’s 200
3. Burn the Stage movie has surpassed One Direction’s ticket sales at 1.96 million viewers worldwide
4. Surpassed 10-milion album sales on Gaon
5. Won Artists of the Year Award and Album of the Year Award and 5 other awards at the MMA 2018 – the first record breaker
6. Won 12 awards at the AAA 2018, including 2 Daesangs (Grand Price)
7. Twitter announced that BTS is the Most Tweeted Personalities for the 2nd consecutive year
8. #1 Independent Artists on Billboard
9. #1 Social Artists on Billboard for more than 100 weeks
10. Included in the Bloomberg 50, where people in business, finance, entertainment, politics, and technology and science contributed noteworthy projects. BTS and Taylor Swift were the only 2 from the entertainment industry

BTS and Taylor Swift; Image credit: BTS

11. RIAA certified platinum for Mic Drop
12. RIAA certified gold for LY Answer
13. RIAA certified gold for Idol
14. Billboards 4th best album selling artist for 2018
15. FAKE LOVE’ and Waste It On Me are featured on TIDAL’s Best In Pop: 2018 playlist!
16. Won TIME person of the Year Poll 2018
17. Newsweek’s ‘Best Breakout Artist in the US for 2018’
18. Spring Day surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify, BTS’ 5th song to reach 100 M
19. Fake Love and Singularity are in #20 of New York Times’ 65 Best Songs of 2018
20. SuperStarBTS on Google Play was awarded the Best Popular Game of 2018
21. Brand representatives of Hyundai Palisade with dozens of cars pre-ordered in an unprecedented resurgence of the brand
22. Love Yourself: Answer spent the 13th week on Billboard 200, charting at No. 70
23. Nominated at 33rd Golden Disc Awards Album Daesang – LOVE YOURSELF: Answer and Digital Song Daesang – Fake Love
24. 7th most watched artist worldwide on YouTube in 2018 with 5 billion total views from all YT videos
25. #2 on Newsweek’s Top 5 Best New Artists of 2018
26. Gained 100 million Streams on Spotify for the following songs:

Fake Love – 176 million
DNA – 175 million
Blood, Sweat & Tears – 152 million
Mic Drop Remix – 126 million
IDOL – combined 114 million
Spring Day – 100 million+

27. 1st K-pop to hold a stadium tour in the U.S.

28. 1st K-pop or South Korean to have more than 17.1 million followers on Twitter

29. 1st K-pop or South Korean to have more than 13 million followers on YouTube

30. Spoke at the United Nations, the only pop stars in the world that did so

31.Youngest recipients of South Korea’s prestigious Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit

32.BTS Included on Billboard’s 100 Best Songs of 2018: Critics’ Picks

You can leave a comment if you think there’s something missing in these data.

There are still awards that they would be receiving from MAMA, and, for sure, there would be Daesangs for the 7 talented performers.

For the GRAMMYs, “Love Yourself:Tear” of BTS was nominated for “Best Recording Package”. HuskyFox was the art director.

Perhaps next year, BTS will be nominated for Best Album or Best Song.

For more information, read it here GRAMMYs on Twitter.

You may watch the GRAMMY announcement HERE.

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