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BTS in Rose Bowl; Videos and Interesting Tweets

BTS, 2019 BBMAs’ Top Group, have started their Love Yourself; Speak Yourself Tour on May 4, to an audience of around 65K at the Rose Bowl in California. And already, new ARMYs are being initiated into the powerful fandom.

BTS Top Duo Group BBMAs 2019

As RM said during BTS’ acceptance at the Billboards, it’s because of the BTS and ARMY power.

The legendary group has been called various names:

The Biggest Boy Band in the Planet
The Legendary Boys
The Biggest Boy Band in the World
Top Group
The Kings of K-Pop
The Most Famous K-Pop Artist
The Most Popular Group
Top Social Artist

And many more.

Pete Wilgoren has attended a BTS concert for the first time in Rose Bowl and in his post: My Introduction To BTS, he said they were showmen. He shared videos through his tweets to the whole world, as ARMYs in their homes share the joy of being in a BTS concert.

He also wrote:

“In between the songs, music videos played, they put up the tour name “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself”. And it felt like that really WAS the message. The group from South Korea has been traveling the world, and building their fanbase army, on a mission of positivity.


I agree with him that they are showmen. But I have also a description that I would want to use – Total Performers!

Yes, TOTAL PERFORMERS. From the breathtaking sets on stage, to the perfectly choreographed dances, to the angelic voices, to the amazing raps, to the heart-warming spontaneity, to the incredible group-fan interactions, and to the spectacular fireworks, everything comes together for a phenomenal BTS show.


Everyone went home feeling happy – including the boys – and that is all that matters.

Here are some tweets that would clearly describe how fans felt:

Also, they are fun to watch.

This tweet clearly describes what I feel as well.

This tweet sums it up so beautifully!

And here are some videos to introduce you to the worldwide superstars – that is BTS.

Jungkook, even ‘flew’ around the stage in Euphoria.

Here’s a video taken by a drone that showed awesome aerial views of ARMY enjoying the BTS concert!

The thunderous applause from Rose Bowl at the end of the BTS concert is proof that BTS is now dominating the US and the whole world.

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