BTS’ “Idol” Teaser Hits More Than 4 Million Views in Just a Day, Is Nicki Minaj Featured? Watch the Video

BTS’ “Idol” teaser gained 4,671,825 views in just a day of its release on August 22, 2018. Reportedly, Nicki Minaj will be featured in the BTS MV “Idol”.

BTS’ Idol MV Teaser

The video is a teaser, however, and Minaj was still not shown. The expected surprise may turn out to be true because now fans are tweeting that Nicki is part of “Idol”. What more, someone had accidentally revealed the surprise.

The Warrior BTS Army has pledged to make the #Idol teaser video gain 70 million views within 24 hours. With BTS’ zealous fans, the feat is not impossible.

Meanwhile, #IDOL trends on Twitter at #1 with more than 1.6 million tweets, as the BTS Army made a show of force for their IDOLS. The full version of the ‘IDOL’ MV will be released on Aug 24, 2018.

Watch out for the release of the Idol MV. For now, you can watch the Idol teaser below, courtesy of ibighit.

BTS is only the Asian boy band that had sold out tickets in just an hour for its Citi Field show.

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