BTS’ Celebrity Admirers; Know Who They Are

The Global Superstars, BTS boy band, has gained celebrity admirers as they continue on their incredible journey to the pinnacle of stardom.

Naturally, some of them are artists that they have collaborated with. Countless of people witnessed to the fact that once they were exposed to the BTS music, they were hooked. Their variety of genre grows on you.

The BTS’ members, leader RM, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have individual talents that they each contribute to the group.

BTS, South Korean Boy Band

This list of admirers is based on their statements, tweets, and posts on other social media sites.

List of BTS’ Celebrity Admirers

DJ Steve Aoki – he collaborated with BTS in 3 songs. MIC Drop, Truth Untold and Waste It On Me. He admires their inherent talent and musical genius.

John Cena – he has been vocal about how he digs BTS; he even danced to one of BTS’ songs, and stated that he can become one of their bodyguards.

Jared Leto – stated how BTS’ performance was incredible during the AMAs 2017; saying: “I need a moment to recover from that performance. That was incredible.”

Charlie Puth – he tweeted Jungkook’s cover of his song “We Don’ Talk Anymore”, saying that he likes their music as well.

Halsey – expressed appreciation of BTS during the Billboard Awards Social Artist win.

Ansel Elgort – has been a supporter of BTS, and was seen capturing the group’s performance on the U.S. stage.

Maisie Williams – the British actress of “Game of Thrones” is an ARMY for sure. She posted a dance video of her doing the “Idol challenge”. In her tweets she expressed her admiration of BTS.

Camila Cabello – she stated that she respects BTS a lot because they “really work hard”.

CharliXCX – tweeted “newest member of BTS, love you guys”, after spending time with BTS

Tinashe – she expressed her desire to work together with BTS

Iñigo Pascual – is a Filipino actor and singer, who is a certified BTS fan. He covers BTS songs and dances to their music on YouTube

Rachel Platten – she appreciates BTS and cheered for them during their U.S. TV debut at the AMA.

Zedd – there’s a mutual relationship, with BTS reaching out to Zedd, and Zedd replying to their invitation to collaborate

DNCE – expressed their appreciation for BTS on Twitter, saying they love BTS and that they would be willing to collaborate any time.

Ann Curtis – is a popular Filipina actress and singer who has followed BTS, and listens to the boys’ music.

Khalid – tweeted, “I can’t stop playing this @BTS_twt sooooo good”; referring to Love Yourself: Answer.

John Legend – he requested BTS’ autographs for his daughter, who is an ARMY.

Eric Nam – Eric Nam is a Korean singer and TV host. Eric and BTS have a long friendship that spanned through the years. Eric respects and admires BTS, and is aware of their popularity. In one of his tweets, he stated:

“Watch this, I just have to type in bts and my tweet will blow up in seconds.”

BTS’ Suga listened to Eric’s new songs and commented on them.

Liza Soberano – A Filipino actress who’s an ARMY for sure, as he revealed on social media that she stans Jungkook.

Kris Aquino – Kris is a Filipino actress, TV host, who appreciates BTS’ music with her son. On her social media account, she posts about BTS.

Park Bogum – he is a famous Korean actor and TV host who is close friend of BTS’ V. Naturally, he’s a BTS fan.

Drunken Tiger JK – he is a Korean rapper, which has a long-standing relationship with BTS’ RM. He had always cheered for BTS even when they were still unknown rookies. Thus, RM is supporting his new album with a contribution. The admiration is mutual. He often tweets about BTS:

“I truly appreciate RM’s love and support. It seems easy but it isn’t. They worked so hard to get to where they at.” And “Love you bros. Thank you.”

Psy – Korean singer Psy had encouraged and congratulated BTS on their AMA performance and for sure, he’s an admirer of the boys who were able to surpass his achievements in the international arena.

Hailee Steinfield – She is an American singer, actress and model who openly expresses her admiration of BTS. Together with Hailee, are Grace Vanderwaal, Camilla Cabello, and Despacito singer Luis Fonsi.

Watch how these celebrities reacted to BTS “Fake Love” in the video below, courtesy of Cody and Wyatt.

In China, Jungkook, V and Jimin are the Top 3 Korean Celebrities. Undoubtedly, there would be ARMYs among the local celebrities.

There must be numerous celebrities in Asia who admire BTS but are not known worldwide as they use their own language in their entertainment publications.

Likewise, with celebrities in other parts of Europe, there must be celebrities in Spain, France, or Netherlands, who admire the music of BTS.

With the superb power of BTS’ ARMY, the 7 young men have surely fulfilled their dreams one by one.

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