“BTS and ARMY Together-Forever” Songwriting Contest 2020

This is an announcement about an unofficial, fan-promoted songwriting contest with the theme “BTS and ARMY Together-Forever Songwriting Contest 2020”.

The goals of this activity are:

  • To discover ARMYs who have the talent to compose
  • To express the love ARMYs have for BTS
  • To create a memorable bond between BTS and ARMY
  • To let people know more about BTS and its ARMY
  • To show that BTS and ARMY will be together forever

Here are the Rules of the Contest:

  1. The song must be an original composition (melody and lyrics) and has not been published in any online or offline sites or venues.
  2. The song must be about BTS and ARMY being together forever.
  3. The song must be at least 4 minutes long but not more than 6 minutes.
  4. The song must be presented in video form using YouTube.
  5. The deadline for submission is on October 30, 2020
  6. The YouTube videos will be posted on this site for public voting.
  7. The winner will be based on public voting and through my personal vote. The public voting will be based on the following criteria:
  • Number of views = 15%
  • Number of shares = 15%
  • Number of likes = 20%


  • My vote = 50%
  1. There should be at least 25 entries submitted to proclaim a winner, so encourage your friends to submit. In case there are fewer entries, the prize would be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Prizes: are to be paid thru PayPal


For a total of 25 videos and above:

Winner (the video with the most votes based on the criteria) = $100.00


For a total of at least 10 videos and above

Winner (the video with the most votes based on the criteria) = $50.00

When the number of videos submitted is less than 10, no winner will be selected. But you will have free exposure to your musical talent. So, either way, you have nothing to lose.


Special prizes may be announced later, dependent on our sponsors.


The final winner will be announced on December 31, 2020, so it’s a whole year-round contest. There’s lot of time for you to join in.


Join now and discover your talent as a songwriter and a singer.

2 thoughts on ““BTS and ARMY Together-Forever” Songwriting Contest 2020”

    • Hello, Razeena. Thank you for your interest. Now that there’s someone interested I will proceed with it. However, there must be at least 10 original videos submitted from different individuals for a winner to be proclaimed. Purple hearts for you.


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