Breaking News: Alden Richards Cries for Real as He Sings “God Gave Me You” for Yaya Dub

Alden Richards cried for real as he sang “God Gave Me You” for Yaya Dub. Holding a bouquet of flowers, the Pambansang Bae (National Dimples) grew emotional and tears flowed down his cheeks.


Alden Richards


As the ALDUB Nation would say:

“Hindi na aktingan ito.” (This is not just acting (out the role).)

It was apparent that Alden Richards was trying to control his emotions, but they were just too much for the well-loved actor; the tears streamed down his cheeks and a lump lodged in his throat making him unable to articulate the lyrics of the song.

It was a heartfelt rendition of the song that not even the original singer, Bryan White, would have been able to do.
Does this happening mean that the actor has genuine feelings for Yaya Dub?

This can be a most probable conclusion.

Watch the emotional performance of Alden Richards of “God Gave Me You”

Video is courtesy of Charlene

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