“Breaking Bad” Made Bryan Cranston a TV Superstar while Playing Walter White in The Greatest Television Series of All Time

The multi-awarded TV series “Breaking Bad” has definitely made Bryan Cranston, 57, a TV Superstar, while playing Walter White, in what most critics tagged as ‘The Greatest Television Series of All Time.’

The final season 5 of “Breaking Bad” had tied up the loose ends of the plot and had bestowed moral justice to the protagonist-antagonist chemistry teacher, Walter White. Numerous viewers could not help but cry at the end of the season because of the tragic end of Walter White in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, Image credit: amctv.com

Although, the end was expected, somehow, fans were secretly hoping that the writers could create some way to ‘save’ Walter. There would be no moral grounds though to re-write the script. The writers could hardly glorify drug cooks, dealers and addicts by ending the story on a happy note – all of them living happily ever after. There was no way to end the series but for Walter White to die.

At least, there is still redemption for Jesse Pinkman. Could creator Vince Gilligan consider doing a post series where Jesse Pinkman becomes the main character? Just a thought, or as suggested by Bryan Cranston, himself, he and Jesse could come out as two of the zombies in ‘Walking Dead.’

This 2013, “Breaking Bad” brought home the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. It was also the one of the most-watched cable shows on American TV, and was acknowledged as the Highest-rated TV Series of All Time with its final rating of 99/100, the first time-ever- in American television that a series got an almost perfect score.

TV viewers could easily relate to the character of Walter White. At times, they would like him to succeed in his “shady” activities, rooting for him. The writers had written a credible transition of the ‘nobody’ school teacher to the ‘evil’ and dominating drug lord. It is no wonder then that the Writers Guild of America have named it the 13th Best-written TV Series of All Time.

Bryan Cranston won three Emmy’s as Best Actor for “Breaking Bad”, while 34-year old Aaron Paul Sturtevant, who played Jesse Pinkman in the series, won two Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. His convincing portrayal of Jesse Pinkman, a junkie, and a school drop-out boded well with the award-giving body. There are also other awards received by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Sturtevant for their roles in “Breaking Bad.” Off camera, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have a wonderful relationship, which is apparent in their ‘bromance’ and their open admiration for each other. The two had perfect chemistry together that Vince Gilligan decided to retain Jesse‘s role, who was supposed to die in season 1.

breaking-bad-entertainment weekly
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, Image credit: entertainment weekly

Before Bryan Cranston landed the “Breaking Bad” role he starred in a comedy series, ‘Malcolm in the Middle.” According to him, he was offered more comedy roles but he wanted to do something more, and Walter White just came at the right time. Based on YouTube interviews, Bryan is actually a funny man, so apart from his serious Walter White character. There are dark comedy scenes too in this multi-awarded TV series.

What was seemingly an uninteresting plot on paper, turned out to be AMC’s TV giant, surpassing even “Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones” and “Arrow” in viewership.

Viewers attest that the end of “Breaking Bad” has left an empty hole in TV viewing. Hopefully, some series as good as “Breaking Bad” would come along and replace that empty space.

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