“Avatar” Update: Three Sequels to Be Filmed in New Zealand; Fans Rejoice

Avatar”, the world’s mega-blockbuster, will soon have three sequels to be filmed in New Zealand. The film had won worldwide acclaim because of its interesting storyline, brilliant cinematography and spectacular visual effects.

The plot of this sci-fi 2009 movie revolved around the tall humanoid Na’vi, who tried to exist in congruence with nature in their moon habitat. Scientists of planet Earth were sent to extract an important substance, named unobtanium, from the Na’vi and this is where the story began.




Marine Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, used an Avatar created by the scientists to infiltrate the Na’vi and conquer them. The eventual clash between invader and native residents led to a war that left the characters in the story forever changed.

Fans around the world are rejoicing, and they would surely troop to the theaters once again to watch what become of the paraplegic Jake Sully and his Na’vi partner Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana.

Reportedly, director/creator James Cameron revealed that they would bring back as many characters as the can, and that the ‘Avatar‘ sequels will be a ‘family saga like ‘The Godfather‘.

Avatar‘s sequel will be released in 2016. Would it attain the same box-office popularity that Avatar 1 achieved? This question could be answered once the sequel opens in theaters in 2016.

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