Arnel Pineda, Journey’s Frontman, Spearheads a New Project, Asian Music Camp to Find Asia’s New Singing Star

MANILA, Philippines – Arnel Pineda, Journey’s frontman, has spearheaded his recent project, Asian Music Camp, to find Asia’s new singing star.

Arnel Pineda with Rene Walter of Sanre Entertainment held a press conference last October 25, 2014 at the Shangri-la Garden Room to talk about this exciting project that will provide unknown talented singers a ticket to stardom.

Arnel Pineda with Journey

On his Twitter account, the international rock star tweeted:

“Your journey to stardom begins here.”

Arnel Pineda has a special place in his heart for singers who have talent but don’t have the connection, because he was in the same predicament for more than 20 years until the American rock band, Journey, discovered him from YouTube. His incredible story from rags to riches and fame is phenomenal that it is considered the greatest rock band story of all times.

Pineda’s humility in spite of his fame and fortune is also refreshing and admirable. Most people would change amidst the accolade they receive, but not Arnel; he remained humble, unassuming and down to earth; loyal to his fans and to his family. Journey just concluded their successful Live Tour this year, 2014, but fans are again ready for another tour in 2015.

Interested parties can start submitting their videos online starting January 1, 2014 to March 311, 2015 at the Asian Music Camp website. There will be four rounds of the competition: the qualifying round, semi-final round, Face off round/TV season premiere and the final round/TV broadcast round.

If you belong to a band and think you can sing, this is the break you’ve been waiting for. You can join the Asian Music Camp competition. Who knows? You might be the next Arnel Pineda of the new generation.

Know more about the basic requirements and rules of the contest from the Asian Music Camp website here.

You can also follow Arnel Pineda’s official Twitter account at @arnelpineda, and his website at

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