Ariana Grande Bump into BTS during Grammy Rehearsal

When almost everyone was wondering whether the legendary boy band, BTS; would be performing at the Grammys, Ariana Grande has shocked Twitter when she posted a tweet with a photo of herself and the septet.


Although the caption doesn’t specify what rehearsal, it’s assumed that it’s the Grammy as Ariana is scheduled to perform there.


BTS and BigHit didn’t make any announcement yet, so ARMY are still not sure whether it was true that they will be performing on stage with Lil NAS as posted by Variety.


But the picture posted by Ariana Grande now confirms the news that BTS would, indeed, be performing at the Grammys, but will they have their own stage or not, that’s the question.


Here’s the photo posted by Arian Grande on her official Twitter account.

Now, it’s official BTS will be performing at the Grammys.

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