Angelina Jolie Receives Humanitarian Award at The Oscars; TV Audience Collectively Swooned as Brad Pitt Kisses Her on the Forehead

Angelina Jolie has received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the Oscars, and when Brad Pitt kissed her on the forehead, TV audience literally swooned with this wonderful expression of affection. This display of affection signifies that their love transcends the physical attraction and has leveled up to something more meaningful and spiritual.

Brad Pitt  Angelina Jolie at Oscars 2014
Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie at Oscars 2014
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie tearfully dedicated her Humanitarian Award to her mother, Brad Pitt and Pax.

Twitter has warmed up to Brad’s show of love and affection. One Twitter user exclaimed how she became an instant fan of Brad-Angie, when she was not previously. Here are some tweets expressing their emotions stemming from Brad Pitt kissing Angelina Jolie on the forehead.

NikkieTutorials@NikkieTutorials 14m

“Brad kissing Angie on the forehead….. AAAAAND I’M IN TEARS.”

Kelly@broadwaybabyto 15m

“Congrats to Angelina Jolie on her Humanitarian Award, lovely tribute to her Mom who “if she were alive, would be very proud” #Oscars2014.”

Scoopla@Scoopla 15m

“Angelina Jolie dedicates her Humanitarian Award Oscar to her mother. Brad and Pax watch from the audience #Oscars2014 #awwww.”

LOULOU Magazine@louloumagazine 16m

“Awww, Brad Pitt gives Angelina a sweet kiss on the forehead.”

Jared Leto made an unforgettable statement too about Venezuela.

Gaby Crassus@gabycrassus 50s

“First of all congrats on your #Oscars2014 win @jaredleto and thank you so much for being a voice for #Venezuela it meant the world to us.”

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