Amidst Clamor, Would the MMFF Jurors Reveal their Judging Criteria for Clarification?

MANILA, Philippines – More and more Netizens and personalities involved in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) are requesting that the MMFF Jurors reveal their judging criteria when they selected the winners during the MMFF awards night.10,000 Hours” won most of the awards, while “Boy Golden”, “Kimmy Dora” and “Pedro Calungsod” went home with, literally, nothing.

Many movie pundits think that KC Concepcion or Eugene Domingo were snubbed for the Best Actress category; they were not even nominated for this award, when film reviews were all praises for their performances.

KC Concepcion, Image credit: KC


Reportedly, the producers of  “Kimmy Dora” have expressed their disappointment over the film’s lack of nominations and winners; Eugene Domingo, the major star of the film, received only “The Female Star of the Night”, which is not connected, in any way to the film.

Netizens on social media sites disclosed their disbelief too about some of the results. The latest is the challenge of Chris Martinez for the jurors to reveal their selection process.

Would the MMFF jurors give in to the request of various people? Hopefully, they would, so that everyone would be enlightened.

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