American Idol Updates: Jennifer Lopez Calls Harry Connick Jr. “Hatchet Harry”; Harry’s Hilarious Antics; He Cradled a Singing Contestant

American Idol Season 13 premiered last January 15, and, already, the three judges were so much fun to watch. Jennifer Lopez called Harry Connick Jr. “Hatchet Harry”; because he was the Simon Cowell of the group, being more “picky” than JLo and Keith Urban.

jennifer lopez-harry-connick-keith-urban-american-ido
Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., Image credit: American Idol

Aside from that, Harry’s hilarious antics had surely sent viewers roaring with laughter. He was not embarrassed that some contestants did not know him, and now and then, he would make a joke out of it.

“The judges are Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and….”

Then the contestant would try to recall Harry’s name.

One contestant, Munfarid Zaidi, however, entered the audition room, proudly saying that he was a fan of Harry Connick Jr. Harry promised the contestant that if he would rock them with his song, Harry would cradle him in his arms while he continued singing.

Harry Connick Jr. cradles contestant in his arms

Obviously, the camaraderie of the three judges is unmistakable. They get along so well that season 13 of American Idol would surely be one wonderful, fun and thrilling ride of a lifetime.

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