American Idol Updates: Fox’s Bigwig, Mike Darnell, Leaving after 18 Years

American Idol Updates include Fox’s Bigwig, Mike Darnell, leaving after 18 Years. Various US entertainment sites reported on May 24, that Darnell released a statement saying that “It was the perfect time to take advantage of the rapidly changing marketplace.

The American Idol reality TV singing contest has been losing viewers for the past years. It should be noted though, that in spite of this, American Idol still remains, generally, as the No. 1 reality singing competition beating The Voice and X Factor.

American Idol
American Idol, Image credit: American Idol

With the way things are proceeding, however, it may not be long before viewers would witness the two TV shows overtaking American Idol – for good.

There have been various changes in the show to boost its ratings but not even singing superstar Mariah Carey could save the show.

For the next season, long-time judge Randy Jackson has already expressed his intention of not returning for the next season of American Idol. AI Judges Mariah and Nicki may not return to the show, but there are still no confirmations from both. Their feud could be one of the causes of the shows decline in viewership. On the other hand, Keith Urban has remained silent about his move for the next season of the show.

There were rumors that the show would be choosing some alums as judges, but Fox has not yet released any additional news about the judges as to who would remain and who would stay.

The tried and tested host, Ryan Seacrest, may be the only person left for the next season of American Idol. Keith Urban could also be an excellent mainstay; he knows what he was talking about during the recently concluded season, which proclaimed Candice Glover as the American Idol 2013.

With the auditions going on for season 13, hopefully, whoever would be chosen as the judges, it would help the ratings of the show if they would remember that American Idol is not about them, but it is about the contestants.

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