American Idol Tweets: Top 5 Will Perform Songs from Greatest British Bands, More Song Suggestions (Video)

The Beatles
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American Idol at Twitter tweeted today that the “Top 5 will perform songs from some of the Greatest British Bands.”

One can assume that this tweet narrows down the song selection for the Top 5. Majority of song suggestions online were of British solo singers.

Based on this tweet though, the song list choices will then be from British Bands.

Here are more song suggestions for the Top 5 American Idols hopefuls, which come from some of the greatest British Bands. Which song would each of the Top 5 American Idol contestants sing?

*The Beatles

Of course who would not know The Beatles, the most famous British Band that the world admires. Songs like “Yesterday,” “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night,” “Imagine,” “Let it Be,” and many more hits were from The Beatles. Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s songs could also be a good choice for the American Idols.

Phillip Phillips would be great singing “Yesterday,” or “Imagine,” with his guitar.

*Black Sabbath

The Black Sabbath popularized songs like “Black Sabbath,” “Iron Man,” “Paranoid,” “Heaven and Hell,” and many more.

Skylar Laine could sing “Black Sabbath,” or “Heaven and Hell,” with her rock persona. She can sing rock and country music. That’s how versatile she is.


Jessica Sanchez could sing “Hail to the Thief,” or “House of Cards” by the Radiohead.

*The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’I Wanna Be Your Man” could be sung by Joshua Ledet. He could also sing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” to a “T” with his soul, R&B and pop style.

*P J Harvey

Hollie Cavanagh could sing P J Harvey’sThis is Love,” or “A Place Called Home.”

Pia Toscano tweeted “

“Very excited for @CavanaghAI11 ‘s performance tomorrow! It’s gonna be incredible ;)”

Most viewers assume that Hollie would get the axe during the Top 5 American Idol Results Show on May 3, but with the trends in voting, one can never be certain.

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Here’s John Lennon with “Imagine.”

John Lennon with “Imagine” Video Credit: avivbeni /YouTube

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