American Idol Judges’ Reactions: “A Mysterious Yes” from Mariah Carey for Charlie Askew; “I like you,” to Dustin Wates

“A mysterious yes for you,” Mariah Carey said to Charlie Askew on the American Idol 2013 auditions. The American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj agreed with Mariah Carey saying that Charlie was a dark man. Charlie Askew sang “Breakthrough” and “Nature Boy.”

Mariah Carey and Keith Urban AI 2013
Mariah Carey and Keith Urban AI 2013, Image credit: American Idol

Twenty-seven year old firefighter Dustin Wates from Albany, LA was well-liked by the American Idol judges season 12.

Mariah Carey said “I like you, I really do.” The rest of the judges felt the same way as Mariah, and Nicki was interested if he was single. Dustin Wates sang Garth Brooks’She’s Every Woman.”

Nicki said: “I like you a lot.” “We love you fireman.”

Twenty two year old Megan Miller from Baton, LA was also a standout in spite of her crutches. Twenty two year old, Paul Jolley from Palmersville, TN, who is in retail sales, also got a thousand “yesses” from Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and the rest of the American Idol season 12 judges.

Charlie Askew, Dustin Wates, Paul Jolley, and Megan Miller are expected to do well in the Hollywood phase of the American Idol 2013 with their unique, wonderful voices.

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