American Idol is More Fun to Watch because of Harry Connick Jr. (Hilarious Harry, Hatchet Harry); Jlo, Keith, Harry’s Camaraderie Palpable

International TV viewers find American Idol more fun to watch because of Harry Connick Jr. The camaraderie of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. in the judging panel has undoubtedly attracted additional viewers – especially abroad.

America Idol judges: Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. , Image Credit: Fox

People watch TV to be entertained and not to be rattled, just like what happened in season 12, when viewers were subjected to a nightmare, where Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were at each other’s throat every time the show aired.

Having these three wholesome judges this season is like a breath of fresh air, viewers can relax and simply enjoy American Idol and the enormous talents performing before them.

JLo named Harry, Hatchet Harry, because he seems the hardest to please among the judges, but Harry is also the funniest. Some of Harry’s antics are;

*carrying a contestant in his arms while the contestant was singing

*auditioning as contestant before Keith Urban, who booted him out

*standing by and playing back up to a contestant who was singing “Stand by Me

Harry Connick Jr., Image credit: Fox

These are only a few of the hilarious incidences that viewers enjoyed and laughed at on the new season of American Idol. Hopefully, the comedic character of the show will not go over board, though.

Jlo seems to be the most popular among the judges, and she balances the scale of the show between a full comedy show and a singing competition. Harry is the least known but he makes no bones about it, even making fun of the situation. ‘Who’s the 3rd American Idol judge?

On the other hand, Keith Urban is a conniving and sparring partner of Harry in his escapades. It is a completely different role from his previous role of pacifier from last year’s American Idol show. Keith is splendid as a judge, as he advises the contestants on how to improve.

The judges apparently enjoy what they do, and there is laughter and fun in the show that TV viewers could not help but enjoy the show too.


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