American Idol Invites Everyone to Hold Their Own “California Dreamin” Party with Songs from Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, Cher and Green Day

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The American Idol website announced that on May 9, the Top 4 American Idol 2012 finalists will sing songs from the No. 1 hits of singers and bands from California, like Adam Lambert, Katy Perry, Cher, Jerry Garcia, the Beach Boys and Green Day.

The website also invited everyone to select their own songs and hold their own parties with their own California-inspired costumes, such as Hollywood inspired outfits.

American Idol season 8’s runner-up, Adam Lambert is a “fashion” pundit in some ways, so fans can get some ideas from his “exciting” wardrobe.

With the American Idol Top 4 on their last leg of their amazing journey, fans are excited to root for their idols performing their California Dreamin” song. Who would make it to the Top 3 American Idol finals? Let’s wait and see.

Here are the Top 4 Final Songs for “California Dreamin” theme.

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